Virtual Open Lab Presentations

We invite Virtual Open Lab presentations from research groups from all areas of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Telexistence, and 3D User Interfaces. Accepted submissions require that at least one presenter attends the conference to present orally in a dedicated Virtual Open Lab session (see Program).

Presenting a research group’s laboratory and research at the conference affords an increased visibility in the community. Knowing the people and projects of a research group helps promoting its reputation, can facilitate future collaborations, and may help researchers find places of future employment, internships, or research visits.

All accepted Virtual Open Labs will be presented interactively via Discord on Wednesday, 2 December at 1:10 pm2:10 pm, Eastern Time at the conference. During this session, each lab will have its own video and text channel running in parallel on the Discord server of our conference. Audience members can join the channels, watch the presenters, ask questions, or move on to the next lab channel. Presenters are free to show live video feeds of a walkthrough of their lab to the audience, pre-recorded videos, or present their lab using slides. Advertising for open positions during this session is welcome.


Submissions and questions should be directed to the Streaming Chair at:

[email protected]

Submissions will be continuously reviewed up to the beginning of the conference. Feedback will be provided in a timely fashion. Presenters will be given access to the Discord server to test the presentation channel before the conference.

Presenters are encouraged to send us the following information:

  • Name and affiliation of the laboratory,
  • Name of the lead presenter(s),
  • 150-word abstract describing the laboratory,
  • Representative image for the laboratory (e.g., photo),
  • URL of the lab’s website.

Austin Erickson, University of Central Florida, United States